Rice n Spicy

A 650g (Net weight) pouch of Carmichael Estate Steak Mince Meatballs combined with garlic and our own spice blend in a delcious sauce. Spice Level - Medium
Beef Kofta Curry (7 SP or 6 Swins Per Portion - 2 Portion Pack)
A 650 g pouch of Diced Beef Steak cooked with Smoked Paprika & a Generous Infusion of Fresh Chillies, for the brave among you. Spice Level - Extra Hot.
Beef with Smoked Paprika & Chilli (7 SP or 3 Swins Per Portion - 2 Portion Pack)
A 650g (Net weight)  pouch of top quality Carmichael Estate Lamb slow cooked to melt in the mouth, the only way to prepare curried lamb. Spice Level - Medium
Slow Cooked Lamb (10 SP or  8 Swins Per Portion - 2 Portion Pack)
A mixed pack of Vegetarian dishes, £26.00 instead of individual selling price of £28.50
Vegetarian Mixed Pack
A 225g (Min weight) tub of finest Basmati rice cooked in our spice blend to complement any of our curries.
Pilau Rice (4 SP or 0 Swins Per Portion - 2 Portion Tub)
A 225g (Net weight) portion of Brown Basmati Pilau Rice, a worderful nutty flavour.
Brown Pilau Rice (4SP or 0 Swins per portion - 2 Portion Tub)
A hot mix, perfect for adding a kick to any one of our dishes, not for the weak.
Special Hot Mix
A 90g (min weight) of Indian mixed pickle, perfect to go along with your curry.
Indian Pickle
180g (Min weight) of our handmade Spicy Onions, comes in 2 x 90g tubs.
Spicy Onions - 1SP per Tub
Only available to purchase when ordering over £20 of our dishes.


Cut off time for orders each week is 8pm on a Tuesday as every single dish is handmade. If ordering after this time please message us to check dish availability. Courier orders by prior arrangement only.


Disclaimer - Please note that these are NOT official WW Products however, they have been SmartPoint Calculated by WW Coach Cathy Scarrow. All products come in 2 portion packs.  We have calculated our own Swins (Slim-wins) values based on the individual ingredients of our dishes, our calculations are based on amounts of added oil or natural fats in any ingredients used, we are an EC approved manufacturer and all dishes are made to set recipies to ensure consistency. All our dishes compliment a number of weight loss plans including WW & SW.